Hey! Hi! Hello! I'm Leanna - a photographer, designer and creative dreamer based in Wellington, NZ. But I am always up for a travel adventure in NZ and Worldwide. I have a bachelor of design from Massey University, and currently work as a designer while doing this photography gig. 

I have a passion for capturing documentary style influenced pictures. I aspire to capture beautiful, honest and intimate stills that showcase the intimate moments and the big feelings through a visual story. I want to capture that real love stuff and document your love legacy.

I am inspired by pink, sunlight and shadows, beauty product packaging, florals, my friends, minimal design and clean lines, textures, the ocean, unfiltered moments, everyday beauty and slow mornings. Pretty much I'm inspired by the things I really really love - like dogs and ice-cream and also bears.

I am all about documenting the moments as they happen in their truest form. I've been known to climb trees, go barefoot on ocean rockpools, stand in knee high thistle bushes and run through wild sticky grass, all for the perfect image.

I want to be a memory maker and a story teller, so that when you look back on your photos 50 years from now, you'll laugh at "remember whens" and feel just how you felt in that moment. I will capture the little moments and big emotions that make up your love story, and ultimately your love legacy.

I'm all about authentic moments, going on adventures and that real love stuff. If you love exploring dirt roads, mountain views and sunsets over the ocean and are ready to kick off your shoes, climb over a fence or two, hitch up your dress, let your hair out and leave with your heart overflowing, we will get along just fab. 


Let's go on an adventure and tell your love legacy